I learned a truth many years ago while I was still in the organisation that was confronting, as it differed to what I'd been taught.  Jehovah's Witnesses teach that the resurrection of those who have died in Christ took place in 1918 which means that they would be in heaven right now.

In the year 2000 though, a friend showed me 1 PETER 5:4. When the import of the timing hit me, I was very disturbed and felt a strong sense of guilt. How could my friend and I see clearly what this scripture was saying and not the 'faithful and discreet slave' class?  "Am I being presumptuous thinking I can understand things that these appointed men couldn't?" I thought.  " Am I 'running ahead of Jehovah'" as we were always warned against?  All these questions rushed through my mind and distressed me.

I thought about the scripture and thought about when Christ would be 'made manifest' as 1 PETER 5:4 says. 2 THESS 2:8 mentioned the 'manifestation of his presence' and the cross reference took me to 2 THESS 1:6-10 which helped me see exactly when that manifestation was. (I guess I already knew when the manifestation was but needed to reassure myself by the scriptures)

I prayed to Jehovah and asked him to help me with my distress and guide me. 

Then I read 1 THESS 4:13-18  and  1 COR 15:50-53 on the subject of the resurrection.

Mention of the trumpet led me to MATT 24:31 and if you read the verses surrounding that verse, the timing is clear.

I had to meditate on all this new understanding and decide whether I was going to believe what the bible clearly said or the Watchtower Society. Happily I chose the bible and that really was the beginning of my journey.

I have deliberately not gone into detail about each of these scriptures because I think it is better for a person to read and meditate on these themselves and come to their own conclusion. In this way, their perceptive powers are being trained as HEB 5:14 encourages.

From the year 2000 onward we began sharpening our perceptive powers and really thinking about scriptures ourselves rather than just accepting a comment without scrutiny.

We found it extremely distressing to be part of the organisation as we gradually realised that so much of what was taught was not firmly based on scripture. However, we still thought it was Jehovah's organisation and that we had to be obedient and wait for Jehovah's time to reveal the badness. We thus endured years and years of attending meetings where people voiced their worship of the organisation, always knowing that at one time we would have to leave. We never expected our departure to be the way that it has been. To suddenly find out via a link on a website that Jehovah's Witnesses have NEVER been God's people was a HUGE SHOCK!  All those years of thinking that it was still representative of Jehovah and thus having to obediently endure the pain of the false teachings and worship going on around us are behind us now.

What a joy it is to be free from this false belief!  Jehovah's Witnesses have incorporated the divine name into their name but ........ they are NOT God's organisation! The organisation that is Jehovah's Witnesses brings shame on that name not glory to the name! They are no more true witnesses of Jehovah than the pope is the 'vicar of Christ' or the Christadelphians are actually Christ's brothers. (Christadelphian meaning 'Christ's Brothers') or that the 'Church of Christ' is in fact the church of Christ. The list could go on and on.  Just having a name does not mean that a group truly represents the person behind the name. On the internet people are always presenting themselves as someone else. How many scams involve emails arriving as if they are from the true source. People are fooled by the NAME!  They think the email is from a bank because the scammer sends an email using that bank's name in the heading. The more clever the scammer, the more convinced people are by their lie. 

No group brings greater shame on the beautiful name of my God - my loving, just and righteous God, Jehovah - than Jehovah's Witnesses. I am determined to spend the rest of my life letting people know the truth about my wonderful Father and his faithful son, our Lord Jesus Christ. I have a lot of years to make up for so I'm hoping that this website will be a way to share my love for my Creator and help others to keep their faith alive and trust in God and Jesus and not an organisation. 

I look forward to the day when Jehovah clears His name of all reproach and destroys all false religion. What a wonderful day that will be!  🌻

The first resurrection