I am looking forward to writing a blog, to share with you the thoughts and experiences that happen from day to day. 

When I was 13 years old, my mum and dad bought me a diary which I loved! I grew up with few friends since only those in the organisation were deemed worthy to associate with and, as it happened, there were never any girls my age in the congregation to befriend.  I never felt lonely though as I had my God, I had music (I enjoyed singing and playing the guitar or piano for hours and hours) and I had my diary too which was like a friend to me.

Over the next seven years I wrote in a diary as I felt moved to. Once I became engaged to my childhood sweetheart at the age of 20, I wrote a farewell post to my diary to say thank you as I no longer felt the need to write in it .

After leaving the organisation, I felt moved once again to express my feelings in writing like I did so long ago, which is why I started this website and why I now wish to add this blog to it. I can see why ones like David wrote songs to express their deep feelings.  I hope that some of the thoughts I share with you, will ring true in your heart too.

I thought that I would write a post on the first day of each month reflecting on the past month.  I'm not writing as an authority figure in any way but .... as a sister to those who have the same faith and love for my Father and for Jesus.