When I was 13 years old, my mum and dad bought me a diary which I loved! I grew up with few friends since only those in the organisation were deemed worthy to associate with and, as it happened, there were never any girls my age in the congregation to befriend.  I never felt lonely though, as I had my God, my music (I enjoyed singing and playing the guitar and piano for hours and hours) and my diary too which was like a friend to me.

Over the next seven years I wrote in a diary as I felt moved to. Once I became engaged to my childhood sweetheart at the age of 20,  I no longer felt the need to write in a diary .

After our incredibly difficult test though in the year 2000, I began writing again but in the form of poetry which provided a much needed outlet for my feelings.

Then after leaving the organisation in 2015, I felt moved once again to express my feelings in writing, which is why I started this website and why I now wish to add this blog to it too. 

I hope that some of the thoughts I share with you, will ring true in your heart and provide encouragement.  That is the purpose of my blog. 🌺