An excellent email!

Friends of ours who were serving in a foreign land have recently left their assignment and the organisation because of their conscience after learning about the pedophilia issue in the organisation, amongst other things.

Since returning to Australia, an elder with whom our friend once served phoned them. It was encouraging that this elder named Peter was respectful and listened to our friend.

Our friend followed up the discussion with an email, a copy of which I have placed below. I feel that this email is excellently researched and written and would like to share it with you.

My friends were like mentors to me when I was a child and teenager and so it is especially encouraging that they have taken the same stand as us. We enjoy sharing thoughts from the scriptures now as we read our bibles with new perspective. It feels like we are reading the bible for the first time!

I look forward to sharing some of those thoughts in another post. ‚Äč