A couple of thoughts

Life has been unusually busy lately and thus I have not posted any thoughts for a little while but I have the opportunity now.

Firstly, my friend in the Netherlands shared something very interesting with me recently. She loves John chapter 6 and one excellent point she made was that Jesus refers to himself as bread from heaven as the context of the discussion relates to the manna given to the Israelites in the wilderness.  All the Israelites needed to partake of the manna to remain alive and thus all Christians must also partake of the 'bread from heaven' Jesus Christ to have life.  It makes sense then that all should partake at the Lord's Evening Meal.  I thought this was an excellent point!

Secondly, my husband was mentioning the other day about the parable of the wheat and the weeds. MATT 13 In the parable, the wheat was not easily discernible because of the weeds that the wicked one had oversowed.  Bearing this in mind, it makes sense that the wheat are scattered around the world and not congregated into a visible organisation.  Jehovah and Jesus know who are the wheat but it may not be readily visible to others. If all Christians are separated into a visible organisation then how does this parable apply?

Further, in the illustration, the weeds are bundled first and burned up with fire and then the wheat is gathered into the storehouse. We know that the bundling and burning has not happened yet, so why then think that the wheat has been gathered into a clearly defined pen? 

Rather than an organisation, Jesus' sheep know his voice (JOHN 10)  and they follow the Lamb wherever he goes. How wonderful to be following our Lord rather than men!